Athens Airport Flights to and from Greece

Thessaloniki Flights To SKG  |  Flights From SKG
234 weekly flights
Santorini Flights To JTR  |  Flights From JTR
224 weekly flights
Heraklion Flights To HER  |  Flights From HER
157 weekly flights
Chania Flights To CHQ  |  Flights From CHQ
114 weekly flights
Rhodes Flights To RHO  |  Flights From RHO
96 weekly flights
Chios Flights To JKH  |  Flights From JKH
86 weekly flights
Paros Flights To PAS  |  Flights From PAS
86 weekly flights
Mytilene Flights To MJT  |  Flights From MJT
82 weekly flights
Kos Flights To KGS  |  Flights From KGS
77 weekly flights
Mikonos Flights To JMK  |  Flights From JMK
74 weekly flights
Alexandroupolis Flights To AXD  |  Flights From AXD
64 weekly flights
Corfu Flights To CFU  |  Flights From CFU
58 weekly flights
Naxos Flights To JNX  |  Flights From JNX
56 weekly flights
Milos Flights To MLO  |  Flights From MLO
46 weekly flights
Samos Flights To SMI  |  Flights From SMI
45 weekly flights
Limnos Flights To LXS  |  Flights From LXS
29 weekly flights
Ioannina Flights To IOA  |  Flights From IOA
28 weekly flights
Zakinthos Flights To ZTH  |  Flights From ZTH
28 weekly flights
Kefalonia Flights To EFL  |  Flights From EFL
26 weekly flights
Karpathos Flights To AOK  |  Flights From AOK
22 weekly flights
Kavala Flights To KVA  |  Flights From KVA
22 weekly flights
Ikaria Island Flights To JIK  |  Flights From JIK
19 weekly flights
Skiathos Flights To JSI  |  Flights From JSI
18 weekly flights
Sitia Flights To JSH  |  Flights From JSH
16 weekly flights
Kithira Flights To KIT  |  Flights From KIT
15 weekly flights
Leros Flights To LRS  |  Flights From LRS
12 weekly flights
Skiros Flights To SKU  |  Flights From SKU
10 weekly flights
Syros Island Flights To JSY  |  Flights From JSY
8 weekly flights
Astypalaia Island Flights To JTY  |  Flights From JTY
8 weekly flights
Kastoria Flights To KSO  |  Flights From KSO
3 weekly flights
Kozani Flights To KZI  |  Flights From KZI
3 weekly flights

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Airports in Greece with Connections to Athens Airport


Useful Information about Athens Airport

Athens Airport Passenger Numbers Soared 16% in October 2023

Athens Airport witnessed a remarkable surge in passenger traffic, clocking in an impressive 15.69% increase compared to the same month in 2019 with 2,301,605 passengers. 

Athens Airport Surpasses Pre-Pandemic Levels with 6% Growth in Q3 2023

Athens Airport Breaks Records with 6.11% Increase in Passenger Traffic Compared to Q3 2019

Lounges at Athens Airport

See all the airport lounges, locations and opening times available at Athens Airport

Eating and Drinking at Athens Airport

See all bars and restaurants at Athens Airport, including locations and if they are before or after check-in